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The prefered stones of Patrice Fabre

I like stones, I like pretty stones, like people, without distinction of colour or provenance. They must have character, shine and colour.


I also like crystals for thir intelligence, the cohesion of their structure and also for the power they give out. I like the cuts by degree, the half cuts, the large facetted but also the smoothness of cabochons.


I like corindons in all their colours (except green) I prefer them totally natural not heated*, but I prefer a beautiful sapphire or a heated ruby, than a bad non heated stone.


I like tormalines for their large diversity, the rubelittes that give us the only red stone of beatiful volume and brightness. The new ones mined from Mozambique for their delicate colour.


I love garnets, untreated stones, therefor totally natuaral ranging from Bordeaux red to the most intense green passing through the delicious 'Fanta' orange.


I like beryls, spineles so close to corindons. I like diamonds above all type 2A for their uncomparable light, coloured diamonds from simple brown to the most glamorous intense pink.


I appreciate as well, particularly the glittering and sparkling stones, the light of labradorites and their Aurora Borealis, the halos of moonstones, the smoothness of pink quartz and the magic of all these marvellous multi coloured sapphires and star rubies. I buy my coloured stones in Sri Lanka and Bangkok as well as the big international fairs.


I work with a team supplying the biggest jewellers on the planet and I am associated with the Anversois Diamonders.


It has enabled me to create the cuts like those of the Lotus, Tulip or Calice rings.

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