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Express Magazine

January 2008

Patrice Fabre, two times winner of the prestigious Diamond International Award,  mixes gold, diamonds and concrete and is inspired by urban architectural forms.  His Telluric collection honours  uncut diamonds for men, whilst he pictures for women,  rings and pure jewels.

It is his work in  reinfornced concrete.... , gold, with uncut diamonds (Telluric) or black diamonds  that has made Patrice Fabre his name. The black diamond.

The black diamond is always desired. The more it is white and without occlusion,the more  it is expensive..  And yet, for many years the jeweller has welcomed the coloured diamonds. The fancy diamonds - yellow, pink, green, blue and even red, the rarest.  The winter fashion is the black shining diamond,  – the most beautiful- or matt.  Whatever it is,it holds the strange and the enchanting. The jewellery creators have adapted to it, for example in the version of the ‘modern signet ring’ by Patrice Fabre, it is on a large ring for men .




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