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Telluric is aesthetic as well as effective. Le Monde

The black diamond, shiny – for the most beautiful – or matt, carries with it, the strange and the spectacular, ‘modern signet ring’ version by Patrice Fabre for men. Le Figaro

Romain Duris, Charles Berling, Jose Garcia or Jeremie Renier have hands elegantly ‘jewelled’.  Designed by the biggest jewellers – Patrice Fabre, Fred, Philippe Tournaire,Stephen Webster – the jewellery is more and more masculine. Le Figaro Magazine


Pure luxury : a necklace of A Thousand and One Nights, imperial topazes on a ring of gold set with amethysts and cabochon emeralds, created by Patrice Fabre. Le Figaro Madame 


Patrice Fabre mixes gold, diamonds and concrete inspiring shapes and urban architecture. L’Express, January 08


Patrice Fabre becomes known to the public by his works of art. Absolutely to be discovered. Dreams 


 This Nautilus ring marries black gold, pink gold and brown diamonds held by a skillful closed setting. Le Bijoutier


In this harmonious mix, where gold contacts concrete, where the uncut diamond is sublimated by these simple and contemporary lines, the modern man will find himself. Marions-nous


His style : original, audacious, contemporary.  Patrice Fabre has known for 20 years how to revamp the traditional world of jewellery by shaking up the rules. 



A shop in the image of Patrice Fabre in order to appreciate his iconic collections : Concrete and Telluric.  The Jeweller known for his audacious creativity. CB News 

Winner of two ‘International Diamond Awards’, Patrice Fabre perfects  his ceations over the  years : rings, necklaces, bracelets, always original and innovative. Homme Deluxe


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