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Le Monde Press

29 February 2008.

‘Men want jewellery but they are afraid’ very correctly remarked the creator Patrice Fabre, situated at 350 rue Saint-Honore in Paris. ‘I have therefore proposed to them some pieces that remain virile, with a mineral aspect, in the tones of grey and blacks that reassure’, he adds to this, that he is well know since 1986 for his reinforced gold concrete collection. 20 years after this revolution saluted by the male clientele, Patrice Fabre launches a new line : Telluric – aesthetic as well as efficient. ‘Faced with the emergence of a new infatuation for jewellery for men, I have decided to work with the diamond, a hard stone, solid, brilliant, but under a less classical form’ he comments.  Held by gold or steel, the uncut cubic stones stand out  without ostentation on a rubber or leather bracelet.  In the window the dark palet is to his honour. To the grey nuances of these pieces answers the mysterious shades of black rose cut diamond that accentuates a signet ring in brushed white gold.  If his lines are contemporary, the mythology of the diamond always fulfils an appeal, contributing to include the jewellery in a masculine tradition.


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