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December 2008

Patrice Fabre, the jeweller in contrasting times

For ten years his boutique at Rue Saint- Honore, the jeweller known for his audacious creativity presents a new setting. We have taken everything apart in order to completely  refurbish and create a new boutique.  The creative jeweller  shakes up the rules in the art of selling jewellery. From now on, a double floor space , with the lower floor offering intimicy and simplicity, with an impressive vaulted room in old stone.  On the ground floor, the opposite, underlining the contrasting spirit of Patrice Fabre. A boutique remodelled by architect Guiseppe Lo Casale. The modern simplicity  of a grey resin floor, concrete tables (designed by the specialist Franceco Passanittu), a staircase created by a large industrial designer (Roger Tallon), a baroque mirror.

The facade is in sanded g lass.  A boutique created in the image of Patrice Fabre to appreciate his iconic collections : Concrete, Telluric (uncut diamonds) and his new pieces that are a pure explosion of stone, brought together by a beautiful setting (Taj Mahal). All can be discovered at 350 rue Saint-Honore in Paris.



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