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Vins, Saveurs et Traditions

Spring 2008

The black diamond, by Kyra Brenzinger

The black diamond possesses the same structure, shape and properties as a clear or coloured diamond.  The natural black is translucent,  or opaque due to numerous inclusions or impurities (graphite, hematite etc) that have been imprisoned, obstructing the light. If it is of exceptional quality, it is gleaming,if not it is dull and matt. These inclusions make the black diamond difficult to cut. The polishing can sometimes take several months depending on the size  and therefore the high price tag.  These large black diamonds are extremely rare.  Amongst the most well known, the 202 carat Black Star of Africa, Black Orlov also known as the Oeil de Brahma (an 195 carat uncut diamond, cut into a brillant cushion of 67.50 carats) valued at $300,000 in 1979, or finally the Black Diamond of Amsterdam (55.85 carat cut).

The last room, Kara,  the day the jewellery creators are brought together for an exceptional presentation of 28 pieces in black diamond that demonstrate the infinite possibilities of this material, sometimes associated with shagreen, (shark or skate skin)



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