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Patrice Fabre was initiated in jewellery art during his travels in Asia, at the end of the seventies.

He has received several awards from international competitions. He like pure designs, opposition shapes and audacious material.

1981 : Creation of  Patrice Fabre Company.

1986 : Creation of gold and diamont concrete concept.

1990 : Lauréat of International Diamond Award by De Beers.

1996 :Lauréat of International Diamond Award by De Beers.

1998 : Opening of the jewellery store at Rue Saint Honoré Paris.

2002 : Lauréat of Tahitian Pearl Trophy.

2004 : Opening of the jewellery store at Ginza Tokyo.

2005 : Creation of "Teluric" concept.

2006 : Museum of des Arts Et Métiers. Lauréat of "Sommet du Luxe et de la Création", talent and innovation.

2008 : Renovation of the store at Rue Saint Honoré.

2011 : Creation of "Rivières noires/Black rivers" collection.

2013 : Achievement of the work in the book of Juliet Weir-de La Rochefoucauld "21st Century Jewellery Designers".

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