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A modern man

Patrice Fabre by Thierry Marignac


At the time of the wolves, at the time of poets, Patrice Fabre and I had the taste of independance in common. Today I regret to say, that he had two advantages: a manual job, in which he was a goldsmith and talent. I would have said instinct, rarer than one believed for the business. Only this, little to honour at the time, could give the measure of this appetite: to caress the most precious stones of our planet, a material worthy of attention, in the most secluded corners, in contact with the salt of the earth. A modern man of many forms: Patrice Fabre posesses the urban culture at the tip of his fingers. To unforgetable stones, to people without age, to first truths, he adds the elements as if they was there: the concrete, in a poetic composition of modern goldsmithing, which amazed us all. And his incessant ballet from Europe to Asia, from Paris to Tokyo, Singapore, Borneo or Chiang-Mai, to thewild rythmn of business, taking an extra sense to taste, like fine champagne: an marksman of the elite at the Place Vendome, who know the price and effort, the sweat and tears, the value of a stone, a country, a man.


Thierry Marignac,

writer last published by Renegade Boxing Club Black

Series edition Gallimard 2009

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