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Telluric 1
Openwork Pendant, Whithe gold, rough DiamondTrilogy pendant, white gold 3 rough diamondsBraceletBraceletSteel Bracelet 7 rough diamondsBracelet 6+1 roseBraceletBraceletBraceletBraceletRingRingRingDonjon ringTotem PendantPendantPendantCufflinks4 rows bracelet3 rows braceletMosaic ringBlack steel Bracelet and rough diamondsSapphire cufflinks



Telluric 1

Rough diamonds for men
Created in the spirit of urban ethenticity and structured design, in steel, white or pink gold, natural rubber, or leather with a steel fastening
An alliance with nature at its roughest and contemporary materials.
Telluric has only unique pieces.
The cubic rough diamond is unique, each stone stays singular in shape and colour.
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