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PendantRing 3 rows DiamondsBracelet 4 rows DiamondsBraceletPendant yellow goldSaint Valentin braceletConcrete ring 4 lines, White gold, Diamonds MSNecklaceConcrete ringConcrete braceletBracelet GMConcrete ring 3 rowsCuff braceletLong NecklaceConcrete Bracelet  4 rows 11 Diamonds Yellow goldConcrete Bracelet 4 lines GM Yellow gold DiamondConcrete 4 row  white gold and diamond large mesh braceletConcrete Bracelet 3 rows Diamonds white gold




Reinforced Concrete gold and diamond
Unashamedly chic. An ethnic urban spirit. A marriage of grey matt grain and the sparkle of diamonds. A beautiful way to seal your love !
Available in three mesh widths : small, standard, large.
The princess diamond is set on the standard width, the ‘Brilliant’ diamond is set on the large and small widths. The diamonds are set either in a row, diagonally or randomly suggesting the continuous changing of nature.
The number of rows and the number of diamonds and the sytle of the mesh are determinded by the individual piece.
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