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Cocktail Rings
Morticia RingVictoria Ring RubelliteVictoriaNatachaRichelieuLys ringTulipeLotusAurora BorealisMagmaTryptique ringSmoked quartz ringStar ringMelchior and Balthazar ringAurora Boraelis Labradorite ringRichelieu Calcedoine ringVendome blue and pink ringsAurora Borealis purple star sapphireCitrine chalis ringRichelieu labradorite ringDome Rubellite ringDonatella Rubellite ringUncut polished Pebble sapphire and diamond white gold ringUncut polished Pebble sapphire and diamond yellow gold ringEllipse ring yellow gold



Cocktail Rings

As varying as the eternal woman.
Distinguished, sentimental, adventurous, joyful, mischievous......
Its all about Rubellites, pink Quartz, Labradorites, Garnets, Sun Stones, Black Star sapphires or amethysts.......its about sparkling stones, unique, stones with history, meetings, choices.
The cocktail rings are expressive creations, pieces born from feelings and emotions. When the distinction becomes a magical jewel....
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