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Engagement rings
Pink Sapphire RingDiamond RingEmerald RingSolo brilliantMinos diamondSolo princessPink sapphire and diamond ringSapphire ringA Niemeyer ringMoon 1 ringClassical ringVendome ruby ringEiffel ruby ringClassical diamond ringTulipe sapphire ringDonatian sapphire ringDrosera ruby ringEiffel sapphire ringMinos 2 ringOval sapphire ring, diamonds and white goldSaturn ruby ring, white goldLily ringConcrete ring 3 rows MS 3 Diamonds white gold



Engagement rings

Patrice Fabre, gem expert, chooses his stones for their shine, colour, and beauty.
The certified diamonds by independant laboratories come from his Antwerp partners.
The rubies and sapphires that Patrice Fabre selects himself, come from Thailand and Sri Lanka.
To the lines of classical inspiration, a mix of contempory aesthetic quality.
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